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[2006] REBOOT 2

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This takes place a few months after the first episode, blue and green are dating now....But something isn't right...and the arrival of a new and out of place character will change both blue and green and the world they inhabit. None of these are actually "sprites", except for one thing...you'll be able to tell...

*4 min long ( would be longer if I could upload more than 2mb)
*You'll find out why it's named REBOOT soon...and why the flashes keep crashing...

++ I wanted to make the sound quality better but couldn't submit anything over 2MB

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Joe i hope you can read this.This series is sad as hell i wish you will make more because the plot is intresting so these are like computer programs?and a virus comes to kill the programs and to kill Jon?

Hey man!

So I'm here at 1:28 a.m. waiting for the release of cataclysm at 3:00 a.m. and i found this.... AMAZING! Just what i was looking for to spend some time waiting for WoW to come out. Thanks for making my day :D

This is officially amazing.

I LOVE your music video style. I'm a film-maker, and this has inspired me in my craft. I REALLY loved the bit where the green chick sings. And the weird neurotic activity... this is beyond interesting!!!

sigh stop commenting about reboot the anime series

like holy everyone knows about Reboot (infact idk if its even an anime) but idc it was a good series while it lasted.... and people who keep on going...."Reboot already been used" are retarded this is a good flash that had work.... sry JMartin97 u loose 2 marks cuz this wasnt as satisfying as the first

em.. i gotta question

you.. do realize that a show called "REBOOT" was already made.. right?