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Reviews for "[2006] REBOOT 2"

Still Good

Not as "Visually Pleasing" as the first episode but its still a good flash (Darn you newwgrounds! 2mb! COME ON!)


Wow wow wow wow.... This thing just keeps getting better and better....

I'm really starting to like this series.

Hopefully the next four will be just as good as the first two. I'm really liking your ideas. Two thumbs up.

stunned a third time

hope you don't get bored with all the 10 's , the epp was rocking ,ilove the music the plot , parts when you suddenly cut off the music are strange but not realy bothering . I heard a lot of reviewers say you took the concept from a show called reboot . never seen it so i won't be able to judge , however the plot is unlikely to be on a regular show ( the extra chara in this epp ...) anyways , your the first one to bring the concept to my viewing pleausure so i'l give you all the credit . Its not a crime to inspire a work on someone else's now is it ? now on to epp 3

JMartin97 responds:

I just used the same name.... there's nothing else that's the same...well there is another similiarity but I promise it was just a coincidence. You see, the first Reboot didn't have a name until the day I submitted it. I only decided to name it aht because of the "rebooting" part. Only later did I look back and remember that 3d show in the 90's was called that.

That's pretty much where the similiarities stop though.

i liked it ^-^

but it would have been better to change the title. Reboot is almost the same as that tv show