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Sleepless Knight: Part 2

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FLASH 8 REQUIRED. If you fall through floors your system is not fast enough to play this game - see below.
I suggest you play the first game to get a feel for the story it's here - http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/294115
-This project was supported by www.armorgames.com.
Lucy lies unconscious after her betrayel at the hands of her once friend Princess Brooke. Now it's time for revenge.
Reccomended minimum system - 2ghz 512 ram. You can probably play on a system below this but it'll be slow as hell and you may fall though floors.
I listened to your criticisms and tried to use them all and make changes. Here it is, the conclusion to my game sleepless knight, which i highly reccommend playing before this for the sake of learning the story.

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It's so cool to see that Lucy is doing some Ninjitsu.

I gave a pretty harsh review of the first game a little bit ago. You'll be happy to know that this game is a massive improvement in every way and addresses everything I originally complained about. It's a bit weird to have the story resolved in a cutscene and not a proper boss fight with the general, but that's my only real problem. Considering how old this game is, it's remarkably high quality.

Well, I understand that most people liked this, but I really did not. I have just played too many games that were like this. The graphics came off as pretty shoddy to me. It's not bad, it's just average. I guess I may have standards that are too high upon the thousands of reviews I've done. I didn't like the way it was just green blocks put on each together.

The noise the main character made got a little annoying too. I did think there were some good designs. It just doesn't come off as anything too special. At least you won a Daily Feature for it. Not for me.


like zelda 2


I can't give this game a good rating for one reason. Controls. Literally one out of five button presses simply don't work. Dying time after time because the game didn't register your fucking button press (or when you release the button) is the most infuriating thing you can ever do to a gamer. Especially in a platformer. Falling to death because it didn't jump, or didn't stop walking, or delayed the jump, etc. Not good.

Priority #1 of game design is the controls. If your controls don't work, your work goes to waste.

You also have some dick moves in level design, but those wouldn't be a problem if the controls worked right.