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I've always liked mini-games. It's a way to get alot of variety in a short amount of time. If anyone has suggestions on what other games would be fun for this sort of thing don't be affraid to comment.

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eh it ok but boring very fast

well ^^^


The cop/ robot guy is amazing, its not like i drew it for you, nope, not at all... visit my website wu wu wu dot cloudcaststudios dot com, its my website u might like it. you should call it robot, not cop

I challenge you to develop one of these properly.

Shadow - The fact that you had a fire button for each direction was an interesting move. Given that you can just hold down both of them though, you miss any potential for strategy that fact might hold and the presence of 2 buttons becomes redundant.

Maybe you could have had limited ammo or something?

I do really like the design of the shadow, a gaseous creature morphing into bunnies. It could have been developed further, maybe with either more bunnies (bunnies being used as a projectile... bunnies reproducing, swarming the screen...) or maybe the thing morphing into various creatures.

I really disliked the fact that the attacks were always the same, making the game more about a memory test than anything approaching a strategy. Also, I hated the way the attack from the 2 simultaneous bunnies seemed to approach too fast to preempt unless you know it's coming.

Cars - I'll just point out the fact that you can make this game a lot easier by getting the dots to run into each other (as they all have the same AI, once they are close you can treat them as one enemy).

Maybe you could have given them varying top speeds/ acceleration?

The 'car' seemed to turn quite nicely though. Nice coding.

Bounce - was a nice idea and though it's an old one, your 'multiball' feature and the changing of objects had some potential.

The way the objects will respond to each click is fairly easy to work out though and there's really no reason to lose after that, thanks to a lack of increasing speed and the overly simplistic responses.

Cop - first time I played this, I felt that a) it was freakishly hard and b) it really needed some sfx. Replaying it though, I realised the way you seem to deliberately increase the number of enemies on an increasing gradient and the way your bullets pass through infinite enemies.

It is possible to survive infinitely long, probably. Again, no perceptible speed increase.

I got to about 890 kills, but didn't bother going on.

Overall, though you say minigames are great ways to have a lot of experiences in a little time (and this is true to some extent - witness Warioware for a supreme example), it doesn't really seem entirely applicable to your game.

The games neither posess a self-imposed time limit to ensure they aren't overplayed, nor seem to change in any way for those who carry on playing them.

Though the aforementioned Warioware limits each 'microgame' to around 10 seconds or less, the games chosen are all ones with the potential to entertain long after that, with high score modes involving a speeding to ridiculous limit.

In a decent shooter, folk will work out ingenious ways of using the present elements in multiple ways, suprising the player with new combinations.

In my mind, the label of minigames is merely given to cover the fact that you haven't yet commited to developing these nearly to the extent that you could.

not bad

this was fun but too easy

loved the music plus the link to the ambience site

i got 1500+ kills 100 + clicks STILL CANT KILL THE SHADOW ARGHHHHHH lol

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Mar 18, 2006
12:00 PM EST
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