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A rather simple centipede clone I've been working on. I think its a good time waster, have fun!
Use arrow keys to move.

Thank you Nintendo for the music, no thank you to people too lazy to read the credits.


This was fun

The graphics in this flash are pretty good. Nice use of sound in this flash. I liked the sound effects that you used and the music in the background. :) This game, I found it fun. Using the arrow keys and the spacebar which I thought would be the button to use for firing and it is. :) It was interesting trying to shoot the mushrooms, centipedes and the snail. Nice work on this game.


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iameatingjam responds:

Thank you for your generous review.

better than i could do

ok so my plusses and minuses:

+wayyyyy better than i could do
+sorta funny, with the snail and all
+you actually had music and sound
+the snail helped keep the game moving

-it just seemed to keep going FOREVER
-the life and score #s need to be bigge
-you need more stuff! like in higher levels have a brief summary and such, then say something like "the pedes higherd flea mercenaries, watch out" and then have flea going straight down the screen (but they cant take the lettuce)


you need to have a button like the space bar to advance levels, instead of clicking. plz.

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har har this was good

+ graphics improved since you based it off of the atari centipede ^-^ [good game]
+sound quality was good

- laser sound is annoying


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iameatingjam responds:

Thanks, perhaps laser sound should be changed.

twas fun!

Well it was good but as always needs adjustments.

1)Concept is quite nice, not to much like it

2) Graphics were lacking a bit, but not too bad (You will always be better than me so I can't say much)

3) controls are simple but I wouldn't mind a few more buttons to press

Overall it is a very good game with good but eventually annoying music, nice job!

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iameatingjam responds:


a good remake

i remember playing the original centipede.... lol playing this game sent a shiver up my spine. thankyou

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iameatingjam responds:

You're welcome

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3.20 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2006
8:37 PM EST
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