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Click the choppers to knock them back, its a furious clicking game, it may not be the best but it is a good stress reliever...Or giver


Not that great.

It has some addictiveness to it but it does get boring. Music was decent and sort of went well with it. Backgrounds were horrible and the helicopters wasn’t that great either. You can also cheat in this by holding tab and enter; you might want to fix that. Better luck next time=]

Fafey responds:

Yea But one thing realy why do people cheat and then say ha ha I can cheat?? is it really a bug? You know your only cheating yourself.

Not great...

I just hit "Tab," then held "Enter" since the targets were a bit too small.

not good

nope not good at all...hate to say it(well not really) but i hope it gets blammed


i think it was ok but u could of made a better backround maby add lvls and powere ups(that could push it back more or make it slower) other than that good job

Fafey responds:

Thanks, To be honest I made a better one with cool background and it was with baloons, but submitted this one becasue copied wrong one to usb for later upload, check the swf name if you dont believe me its called Baloon?!


It was kinda hard only because you couldn't click on parts of the helicopter. Also, I thought a background woulda adequete. other than that, not bad.

Fafey responds:

Yea animating them was perhaps bad idea. check one of these reviews for something about the background

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2.36 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2006
5:48 PM EST
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