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The Latest Model

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A small one here, less than a meg.

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A beautiful satire.

I always find myself wondering how do you get these ideas. I myself had an idea like this some time ago, but I am so very glad someone portrayed it first.

Nobody ever uses it but, the next one is barely different, the unbranded one is just as good, those who but unbranded actually use what they buy and don't just buy the brand. Think different.


I was surprised this lasted so long with something described as being small. I've seen cartoons that have nothing but less than twenty seconds in them. This just shows how good an artist you are! I felt this might have been a satire of the Cold War. Seeing as how the Cold War ended a long time ago, I guess it was more about just getting new stuff. That's quite relevant in today with all the iPads and iPhones we have around.

It could have had more music, but it was still pretty decent to listen to. It helps that the voices are spot on. While the voices themselves don't have much variety, they're presented in an organized fashion. There will always be rivalry with new technologies. I suppose that "new technologies" is kind of a redundant phrase.

so meaningful...

I like the way how the characters appear kinda dark and evil... it goes well with the monochromatic atmosphere. It gives the flash's message more depth and meaning..