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Pass the Pint

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Get ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a few pints of Stout.
Pass the pint from Leprechaun to Leprechaun.
Some will disappear after one pass, others two.
Ensure that only one little fella is left standing at the end of the level!
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Too difficult.

Nice and creative, and a good challenge, but not for me. 8/10

creative and sterotypical not bad


Creative game.

It was rather challenging but fun with the concept of it being a little puzzling but a good pace,the animation was solid as was the music,overall a good fun St. Patrick's theme game.

not being able to replay failed levels

I'd played it before, but this time I persevered a little longer. Got 407 this time. Then I replayed it, but got annoyed when I failed and couldn't look over to see where I went wrong.

+++++ I really like the basic rules of the game. Simple enough to pick up and play. A small enough grid and few enough variables that we can plan out our actions. (Though it takes a while on larger grids.)

++++ The levels seemed to get harder harder later on and actually start to require thought . Having said that, I did experience a remarkably easy one at just under 400, but I'm in favour of giving us little breaks like that. I don't think a difficulty graph should be a perfect curve.
I'm not sure how you managed to implement the difficulty curve, or if it's even there at all. But I'll assume it is for the moment.

+ I liked the little animations, how you have some dancing, some staggering... although it might have been nice if it was only the drunk leprechauns dancing. That'd have made it easier to 'read' the levels.
Also, I liked the way the last leprechaun looked as if he was gonna puke.

- The pint should go down slightly after each leprechaun. It'd make sense.

- The music did get vaguely annoying.

++ But it was nicely themed.

---- I don't like the idea of failed levels just being 'skipped'. I'd maybe like a mode where we'd have to try again, this time putting more thought into our actions. I like the idea of being able to see where I went wrong and rectifying my errors. Maybe that could be an option?

-- I'd like difficulty levels, maybe changing the maximum number of leprechauns.

I enjoy the basic rules, but hate not being able to replay failed levels.