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this is a small pipe game i put together with a little help ofcors.put the pipes together to let water flow to the end point clear and simle. i hope you enjoy



The game was fine. First i thought the blue parts were the pipes but that wasn't the case. I lost my first game. Next time you should put in a replay buttion instead of us having to restart the whole game.

Rated 10

This was a fun classic. It took me 2 trys. Keep it up1


i liked it it was pretty fun i had a few games.

caboos1 responds:

thx im glad you had fun with it


i've played many games similar to this one, so for me, it was pretty straight forward and unoriginal, but you did put a pretty decent effort into, so it was fun to play for awhile.

caboos1 responds:

thx i have updated it alot sence i sub mittedit thx for the review. im glad you had fun for at least a little wile

Its ok

Hey I scored 8.. is that good?
Its not bad. Its missing somthing, but Im not sure what. I didn't like the fact that i could place new tiles ontop of new ones. And in some of the other versions the water ran slowly down the pipe and you had to try and place pieces alot faster to stop it escaping.
But What do i know. The only thing I can do with actionscript is make a button :( .

Good work. hope you Improve on it
Hey you didn't reply to the first person but you replied to everyone else.

caboos1 responds:

thx for the view and i tryed the water idea, didnt werk, sary, also i couldnt figur out how to make iyt so new onec cant go on old onec im still tryin tho. also rilly didnt resond to the first one that wierd, ok ill go did it rite now thx

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1.87 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2006
10:09 PM EST
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