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Dark Seal -anime tutorial

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Fernando H Weber, I made this crap 2006,
I wont delete since it seems it's usefull
to some people, I actually dislike it but what can I do.

Yeah I know it sucks I was 16 and
my first language aint english,
so you will see a lot of typos.

It's not important for me if you like it or not
so save your comments for your mom

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Faved. :3

it took me 3 YEARS to find the video xD
[actually it was 10 minutes... the rest was i always forget why i came here... hahha xD]
but yes... even in this year, i still consider it interesting

I suggest you to make a secuel please

It helped me very much really. But if you say that your tutorial is a crap and you can do a better one, that means that you improved a lot, so please make a new one.

Well is just my opinion, so don't take it very seriously if you don't want.

It honestly helped me!

Seriously, the bit at the start with the head shape and chin helped SO MUCH!!! I finally managed to get PERFECT PROPORTION!

So yeah thanks!

Great tutorial

I'll have to give this a try sometime.

p.s. when is that flash game "first hunt metroid bounty hunter" gonna be up?