Mittens Episode 1

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And meets a technology hip homeless man. It might not make sense to some, but to those who have heard of Microsoft's latest "product" it might be more entertaining ;)


Pretty good start.

I don' think this is anywhere close to a 10, but it's not a bad movie. The lack fo color made it look pretty cool, as I'm pretty sure it was cone on purpose. The dialogue was pretty funny, and the sound was great, but I still didn't care for this flash all that much. But everyone else seems to like it, so my not loving the flash may be just personal taste.

great stuff

it show you dont nead good graphics to make a great movie


ROFFL, dude great stuff, touch it LOLOL. *props mate*

Short, but it was funny

The graphics in this flash are quite good. Nice drawings of Mittens and the man. The animation, not a lot, but the lip sync was good. The sound, good voices but I found the sound a bit annoying to listen to. Nothing to do with the voices, but it's probably the microphone that wasn't very good when the voices were recorded. :(

This flash, it was short, but I found it funny with that man. I know what he was doing there and it did make me laugh. Nice work.



That was awesome!
The voice acting was really good like the things the guy said was really well funny, sick, perverted and creepy.
And the facial expressions from the kitten were really good and convincing too. ^_^

Although I would of liked to see some kind of background because a blank white screen is kinda annoying to stare at.

Anyway great job overall, now off to review the sequel that was just submitted. =)

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3.36 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2006
7:27 PM EST
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