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The Single Gloved Project

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Hey the single gloved project, very random, hope you like it, most of it we just were recording and we decided to make it a flash, lots of the ideas were expanded on. Enjoy!

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Well I liked it very much

apart from the sound that turned me off a bit the rest was pretty good. i found that it was just a tad bit to random but still veyr good. The art in this was vrey well done the animating could of been a bit smoother but still very good. You got a few giggles out of me but the most funny part in your movie was in the preloader when it said Intiallainzg Virus for some reason I found that really funny.

Anyway's good job and I too am submiting in the Mochiland contest so good luck to you!

What kind of crap was that?

Very bad. The graphics where good, but if you're gonna improv on something at least do it well. You must have improvized because there's noway you can think that's actually funny. Maybe try serious flashes or something because that was seriously boring and annoying. 1/5

Pretty low on the boner-meter

Hmmm, If that wasn't so unappealing I wouldn't say it was peatty bad.


Pretty random.... coulnd understand the first news guys but i think that was the point. Nicely done though



= =