Death bomb

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All you have to do is avoid some stuffs. It took a really long time for me to make. It's my 2nd submission. Please be nice. Tell me how to improve it. There may be some glitches. Have fun!
(I added instructions, but there may still be some sound glitches. Couldn't find out how to fix 'em!) DjRecourse-sorry I left your name off the ending credits. I forgot to update that after I put your song in.

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its luke!!

one of ur best games yet!!!
My bad, thee best game yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trekopep responds:

Heh, better than Super Runner? Well, whatever, it's your opinion. :D I'm always glad to hear you like it.

really hard

still good though. make it a little bit easier and a little bit more diverse.

trekopep responds:

It IS pretty hard, isn't it. Well, I got rid of the fla. file to save s bit of memory, so I can't edit it anymore. If I did, I would probably make you have more health, and add more healthpacks. (And ones that function properly.) As for diversity, I think it was pretty diverse! I mean, the VERY final boss battle is long and annoying, but other than that, I tried to add new things in all the time!

But anyway. Thanks for the review. And I mean it. :)

I liked it but it was kinda weird.

I liked this, I liked the music choices. but it was weird all the same.
But i still liked it.

trekopep responds:

Yeah, it is a bit strange, isn't it? For example, why can't you simply run into the final boss to kill him? After all, you are a bomb. :P I did make this a while ago, though. Thanks for the review!

I Won

in the middle of the game, i became invincible :] I Won. I Went out of the screen and
i disappeared. i won!

trekopep responds:

Huh. Keep in mind this was one of the first games I made, so it's pretty glitchy. But hey, if winning by using glitches makes you happy, that's fine with me. :) Glad you liked it!

that was a pretty gud game

i luvved the way u had things happen and syncin it with the music, the music was awesome espesh the xenogenocide! graphics a bit crude but overall gr8 flash

trekopep responds:

Crude graphics are the only kind I can make. ;)

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2.54 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2006
7:04 PM EST
Action - Other