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Final Fantasy Mog

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Give me a break this is my second movie. I wanted to see how good i was with sprites. I know the effects suck and the sprites are mest but i wanted to see what i could do.

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It was actually Secret of Mana 2, but was called Seiken Densetsu 3.


"paul's" sprite is from an old game called Sword of Mana,anyway nice flash

Here here!

Quite a decent movie. The sprites, backgrounds and text are all beautiful. The only thing wrong with the graphics is the spell effects when Ashley casts the spell and Gamma attacks. Otherwise, you should consider making it more interactive and putting it up as an original game!

Aye, well done

This movie is pretty good. You did your best, and it worked out pretty sweet!

and to the reviewer before me, it's Seiken Densetsu 3, also known as Secret of Mana 2 :P

Not Bad

However, this isn't final fantasy it is squaresoft/Enix. Every snes rom fan knows that this is seiken densetsu. But nice job anyway.