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Reviewer Pwnage! #2

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Author Comments

StrawberryClock's back and more random than ever in the long awaited sequel of Reviewer Pwnage! Once again, 3 lucky reviewers are the subject of attention in this swell movie, and their "skills" ridiculed. Before you throw a fit at me, remember that at the end of the day, all it is - is a flash movie, so there's no need to get so hyper about it, and remember, Leave proper reviews kids, unless you want to be on the next series.

Enjoy :D

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Another nice one flash witch u pwned some other guy who are bad reviewer. Nice Job!

great, and not in a sarcastic way

I'm glad to see you PWNing more idiots who probably have never made a flash movie in their life! Go you!

Not bad at all!

I mean, this is a really creative way to get back at those who've mouthed you too harshly. I'm impressed.

Sure, not EVERYTHING you do is good, but it's no reason for them to be so harsh.

Very funny...

No really, I mean it's hilarious man pwning these reviewers like that. I guess I should watch my spelling from now on eh? The Clocks can make some beautiful flash sometimes...

This sucked

My meaning of this flash is that it SUCKED... It was no humor in it and it were awfull... And you didnt owne anyone in this fucking, bad flash... I think you guys can do much better than this...

Frankiedaman responds:

I was going to make fun of your poor spelling and grammar, but seeing as you were from Norway and speaking English as second language, i thought the better of it.

Also, I am not more than one person.