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Dave Lister. The Last Human. Uh oh.

Lister makes a quick log entry, explaining the situation so far. Lost in deep space with a vain cat called Cat, a sanity droid with a missing sanity chip, a hologram of his annoying dead bunkmate and Holly, the space-crazy computer.


SO good!

Beats any Red Dwarf Flash I've seen. You've got the closest ever voice actor, it sounds like Craig himself!


i like it. a lot. despite what some of these people are saying, Lister's voice doesn't sound bad at all. it's better than a lot of red dwarf tribute type deals i've seen. i thought the laugh track was a nice touch in keeping with the style of the show, as well. the animation and sound were very nice. plus, it was funny! overall, you did a really job with this. i'm looking forward to more!

Thank you

I've been craving some Red Dwarf for a while, since they stopped showing it on the local PBS station. Hope to see the next in the series soon, and keep up the good work.

This is smegging great :P

Im a big fan of red dwarf and this reminds me so much of the show :)
the lister voice isnt great but its pretty good.
nice work

Oh dear

Looks like you've killed one of the greatest comedies ever. Someone said the voice is a bit off. A bit? That sounds a lot more like an annoying common Grange Hill type scouse accent, nothing like Lister actually sounds, the voice made me sick I couldn't watch it anymore, and the Intro looked so hopeful.

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UncleStevie responds:

Aah well, y'see, I had some trouble getting Craig Charles, to voice act I did try though! Rest assured. It made you sick? Physically? I'm so sorry!

Anyway, in all seriousness, the voice will never sound 100% like Craig/Lister, I think the voice that I did get is actually pretty damn good. Oh, and for killing one of the greatest comedies? Right-io, a flash animation on Newgrounds has destroyed the franchise and everything it stood for, yes? Melodramatic, no?

However, I've got a new Red Dwarf flash "The Rimmer Experience" aka "The Rimmer Munchkin Song" from the episode 'Blue' in the works, so I don't think there'll be any complaints with the voices there my good man :)

I hope I can restore faith and make you proud!


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3.51 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2006
1:20 PM EST
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