Hunting With Peter

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Go on a hunting trip with Peter and Chris as you shoot your way through 7 levels of this Duck Hunt style shooter.


Haha, Peter!

Alright, Peter... MADE this game. I loved how you chose the perfect lines for the situation. Nicely done.

Are you affiliated with Planet-Family Guy?

The flash is brilliant... but I have seen this on Planet-Family Guy
Are you affiliated with that site?
If this is TRULY your flash, then a great job.
If not.... well, don't do that again.

Addicting game.

You must have taken a lot of time on this. Its really fun:) The shotgun blast was realistic and Peter's comments are funny! Keep up the great work =]

nice game

the game was awesome totally have potential for becoming a addictive game but it lacked variety eg.(try adding more weapons or adding more animals to hunt) tas the reason i get bored of tis game after awhile.... ...it still deserve a decent score gave it a 3 for it:)


I've seen this game before. Are you sure you made this yourself and didn't just steal the swf file from the page source?

If you did actually make this, you're a god among men. But, I highly doubt that. High-ly.

TomTheBanisher responds:

I am the one who produced the game and submitted it to many sites because I thought it was good enough to share ^^

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3.44 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2006
10:03 PM EST
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