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Gone Insane

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I liked Tom. I saw him talking on a talk show and realized, along with millions of others, that he seems to be going insane. Then, with each appearance he seems to be going more towards the insanity way. That's my opinion though. Wrote me a song about it, with the assistance of a CH beat. EDIT: Sound appears to be out of sync.

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Dont hate the playa, hate the game!...bitch!

good one

that was a pretty good animation... especially the drawings. it had a pretty good plot to it and the music was awesome too, and i didn't notice the music to be out of sync either, it looked normal to me.

Good job!

That was great. Graphics were great, music was good, and the humor was excellent. Awesome job man, you should do more music videos. Keep up the good work =]

Great job! But...

This moive was very creative and origanal, but lacked certain qualatys; Like your characters aren't proporly "Bounce-Syinced" (They should bounce corectly to the muisc, like when it stops or speeds up) and "Lip-Syinced" ( The dude moth was movin when the song was still goin [Unless hes pullin an Ashly Simpson!}) Finaly At the end of the song you could have "Verse selection" kind of like scene selection, so they can pick their favored vers to replay from. But Overall Good Job!!!!! woot.

Funniest thing I've seen in a while....

I hate movies with peoples faces in them,.... but this was worth it, It was hilarious (nice right hand touch on the first green suit appearance) and, don't ask me why, but the first thing I thought of when it started was Blues Clues, and, by the way, I loved it!!!

Credits & Info

3.27 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2006
9:16 PM EST