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Sweet Jesus Collab

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To the person before me

They can' t but anymore stuff to this flash movies they make, cause just making them. They're just 15 years old wannabe rappers who can' t do anything else than annoy people with skills

No point.

Please do more stuff in your film before I give a grade next time.

another "witty"... loop

Well, watch at your own risk; it sux.

And am ready to have all your collaborators vote negatively (as they have) on my review.

If your flash sux, IT SUX, period, that's it. For once I'd like to see something worthwhile from such an "ingenious" team of collaborators. Is THAT the best you A L L can come up with?



Wow. There are shitty portal entries, and then there are SHITTY PORTAL ENTRIES, like this one. The latter is worse, because you it looks like this was actually supposed to be funny, in some kind of pointlessly stupid, random-in-a-bad-way way. And the "rofl" loop with the muffins just gave me a headache. The 5 billion years ago one just cut off in the middle of the guy's sentence, and 90% of the time i couldn't understand a word he said. Plus, the sound was off-sync with the mouth movements, which were probably the closest thing to a quality flash style (and even then, they weren't that great). Jesus walking on the world to Japanese music....seemed I was supposed to laugh out loud the minute i saw it. I didn't. It was just weird. 2 of the flashes didn't even have anything to do with Jesus. Guys, when you put the time and effort into bringing multiple people to do a collab, it's supposed to actually be GOOD. Not some painful, embaressing joke a bunch of anti-social nerds thought up. This is almost as bad as those Barney Bunch guys...

WOW THIS IS religiously jesus what?

square hard 1 - jesus globe trots to jpop I DONT REALLY LIKE THE SONG CHOICE CUZ I AM PICKY

roflmuffinglock - lmao nice remix, daft punk vs rich mullins!

zokey - interesting, might want to add a menu button!!!

brick bottom - allah akbar

fat badger 1 - what's new pussycat I DON'T KNOW THIS ISN'T JESUS

fat badger dos - he goes back in time WATCH HIM GO BACK IN TIME

rolf muffin golk - night of fire by hinoi team FEAT koriki plus roflmuffin = NOT JESUS

squarehard 2 - jesus is like that.

ok this is a reminder for everyone to work on night of fire parts I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE.


you might want to cut back on the false advertising you know!