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SuperPope Episode 1

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I made this Dragon Ball Z quasi-parody back in 2000 for an anime-style Flash contest at TokyoPop.com. The grand prize was $10,000 with a $1,000 prize offered for first place in each of 6 categories. I didn't win the grand prize, but I did win first place in the "fighting" category, so that was cool. Now -- years later -- I'm finally working really hard on episode II (which has painted backgrounds and a much more involved story), so I figured I'd submit this to Newgrounds and try to drum up some interest. Hope you enjoy it!

NOTE: If you watched this movie before March 7th, 2006 and thought it was too slow, please watch it again. I fixed some errors that were causing it to perform badly on slower PCs.

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good work

i liked the work u did on this

Seen it, but with more smut, and in a comic book

Just a little bit curious if you know about the "Battle Pope" comic book series that was printed right around the same time you originally created this. Naturally I thought someone had taken the pages and animated them, but I was wrong.

Your audio was rather poor, and lacked any kind of background soundtrack, voice acting was also poor. Overall a rather boring movie to watch and didn't really hold my attention. The only thing stopping me from closing it out was wondering if it would get better.

The animation was rather average and not very impressing. The trivia game was a nice diversion to the loading screen, but since I don't know much about anime I was left with the old click and pray method.

It was an average movie, 5/10, and I hope episode 2 is better.

I loved It!

Very very cool...

Hmmmm, the first episode was always the same, baileyreeceb.

It's just an introduction of a hero and some episodes...i hope to see more episodes...

I love the graphics, well done! Congrats

Hope it was helpful! YEAH!

Best thing since Battle Pope.

This is certainly a very novel concept. And much more family friendly than Battle Pope was.

The animation was quite good, though the transition in facial expressions seems like it could be better somehow. It might just be me though, so if you like how they are just ignore this part of my review.

The only thing I really have any issues with though is the sound quality of the voices. The sound effects are pretty good, especially with how they go with the positions and movement of the characters. The voices though, seem a little too quiet and almost sound like they have a VERY slight echo or ring to them. Perhaps a wind filter for your microphone could help with this?

Anyways, I loved the movie. You did a great job.

WTF was that

its just like dragonball Z but it has less action, and the demon never fights back and scores a hit.