Alucard's Creek Ep02

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Alucard's Creek Episode 02!

Castlevania's Alucard meets Succubus in this short!

If only in his dreams...

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Sentence mixing before Youtube Poop made it popular. Way to go!

soo wrong, but soo damn funnny

Even funnier than the original!

"I will cum on you demon!"
I was just laughing my ass off.

The best part by far was when only that little drop of sperm came out and the Succubus flew away,
"Ha ha ha!" "Damn! My creature has faliled once again!" "Even in the dream world I'm insufficient?"
And then he shoots himself XD?

After writing this review I'm going to go watch the next episode, but before I do, I have one question, does every episode end with Alucard getting shot? Lol.


I like your usage of the soundboard. You barely have to edit any of them at all! The animation was extremely poor but it was funnier that way. But nice job on this.


He has such a way the ladies
"I will cum on you demon!"
I don't see how he's still single!