The Lord Of The Things

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A Lord Of The Rings Fun-Flash. I hope you like it. It's some kind of remake of my LotR 60 Secs Flash. Ah yes.. and there will be a second part. Look out for it ;)



made me giggle =)

The sound was done well but a lil work on the lip-sync would have made it look better. Also i think it did flow a lil too slowly, but i do have an attention problem!! but generally as a tip, it's better to present your ideas fast so that you don't loose the viewer's attention.

I liked the ring-wraiths, they were funny! =)


I would say a little better with the graphics, but the sound was really good! At the beggining, the words made it look like a hollywood production, extremely nice on that part. (And at the end) I did get a few laughs out of it, though.

Cilmeron responds:

thank you very much ;D

Decent, but flawed

Well, first of all, I like your choice of sound/sound clips. They were very entertaining. The movie itself was also mildly amusing, but I did have the following problems with it.

It felt like everything was happening way to slowly. I would have enjoyed it much more if the pace was picked up some more (especially the years going by).
Finally, I think your artistry leaves something to be desired, but it didn't impede on the humor. I'd still like something for they eyes as well as the ears though ;)

Overall, pretty good though.

Cilmeron responds:

Thank you.. I'm glad to hear that you liked it ;D



Cilmeron responds:

thanks ;D

Nice work

I think that it would be a lot funnier if you'd just moved sound from LOTR: 60 sec short, to the Lord of The Things. It's why on this one you have only 5 overall from me, and in LOTS: 60 sec i gave you 10. Sorry, I just were disappointed that this one wasn't so funny :(.

Cilmeron responds:

:) Very intersting you're the first person who tells me that this is worst than my old lotr:60 :D

Btw.. have you seen Lord of the Things II already? ;)

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3.41 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2006
6:07 AM EST
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