Broken Sword C.A.I Pt 3

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please review me I lyk to see what needs to be improved! I hope this gets far because this is the best game I've made yet! Anyway hope you enjoy ;)

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Not Worth Playing, It Sucks

It seemed like a fun RPG Puzzle game, but it was just so badly executed! The graphics were sub-acceptable and need a lot of work. Im a big fan of RPG's and Puzzle games, but this one just sucked. It has no story, no style, the controls were clunky and uninspired, and it didn't have any real feeling about it. It wasn't funny or violent, and it didn't convey that since of seriousness. It was just bland.

More importantly, it was so hard to play. The puzzles were alright, but again executed poorly. They were extremely hard at times, and with the little given instructions and story, it just didn't seem worth the hassle to try to solve the puzzle. I just gave up after trying to fill the bottle with water and the bum would instantly catch you.
I had more fun writhing this review than playing this game.

It really really sucks.

Broken Sword- One of the greatest games ever

I love Broken Sword, really great to find this in the portal. You captured the game quite well, I like the small things such as the choice of topics in speaking and the inventory.

I thought the graphics were actually very good. People don't appreciate how hard it is to draw a game like this. You did a good job.

The puzzles were quite clever. The only thing I didnt like was how you had to restart when you die. I know this was in Broken Sword, but at least that had saving. Redoing puzzles- not fun.

Overall, an excellent game. But hopefully Angel of Death will be at least a bit better :)

:) good werk

I liked it i just strongly believe in a checkpoint, i didnt finish it cuz i made it just past the second key and i didnt know what was happening and had to start again so a chackpoint is my only suggestion


I kinda liked this game really, but i got really bad time to fill the bottle with water! and one other thing! how do u make a game like this! i work flash my self but i really wanna make games like this! if u have instructions or something, please send me a mail! thx;)

dont understand

ok i dont understand what to do, i read the instructions and im still not sure what to do, you may also want to change the story a little bit, not the actual story but the way you worded it. its all over the place, maybe start with something like "you wake up one morning and decide to go to the store, on the way there a red viper nearly runs you over. the next day you get a phone call from a mysterious caller" or something like that. like the concept but maybe have more things that you can "get" in the game. like i got the empty bottle and now i cant use it or get anything else or talk to either of the two other people. keep up the good work and please consider what i have written. thanks

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2.93 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2006
11:11 AM EST
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