The Adventures of Clyde 2

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This time Clyde gets to meet electricity... lucky him... I dono if I like this one as much as the first one... Most people seem to like the first one beter. We'll see.

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lol i guess

its was ok but next time you make a flash movie put in a backround and music it was short but i liked it but speak louder next time i had to put my head phones agienst my ears too hear the spider

Yes, it is shit...

Hell, where should I start... A spider with her/his/it's own theme song... Ok... Enough said...

First off, spiders dont' have bones...


Second, the spider's "web trail" looks like a string of stuff coming out of the spider's behind and being draged along... I don't know if you've notcied this, but spiders usualy come down on a string that is safely atatched to something... Not following them around...

And, hum, please, make sure next movie, Clyde, the spider, dies and never comes back... Cause damn, that was pure shit...


That well... I dunno. Wasn't all to funny. Um.....Well.....Yea.


I wonder what would happen if clyde meets my cat hehe
but anyways I think you should come up with something original and not something reaaaaly prediceble
so think of something else ok??


Clyde meets electricity. Clyde sees a plug socket. I wonder what he's going to do. This was predictable., and sorry, but this wasn't funny at all.

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2.75 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2006
8:12 AM EST
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