SPL'T episode 1

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this is the full 1st episode of a small flash i put up last week with fixed errors and what not. it's also my first time using flash. i'm a good artist but new to the flash game. my wife came up with the plot n' characters and i transfered them to this cartoon. i would have put voices but i dont have a mic. anyone interested please contact me and maybe we could spruce it up.

p.s. fixed the profile problem


ughhh, im so bored, i dont want to write this

it ws soooooooo boring, i coudnt bring myself to watch the whole thing. and th last guy said make it longer. it doesnt need to be longer, it needs to be more interesting.

Still plenty of room for improvement.

If you want to make it really good, I suggest buying a mic. Other than that, you should run all the text through a spell-checker. Good quality text makes the whole thing just look better. A couple of the animations could also use a bit of refinement. The music at the end started messing up while I was viewing the character profiles (which, with the exception of that head, should probably be at the beginning), and the music didn't stop when I pressed replay.

Now, overall I'd say this was a relatively good flash. Make it a little longer and I think this could become fairly popular. Oh, and put in more of that dog with the Low Rider song!




The flash looks fine, but it's HUGE! You need to optimize these things so they play at a reasonable speed. If i'm getting single digit frame rates at low quality, somthing is wrong.

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3.41 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2006
7:10 PM EST
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