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Vermilion 2: Archetype

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Author Comments

Flash 8 and a high processing speed required to play.

Thanks for the daily 4th!

Vermilion Archetype is a 3D-style space shooting game. Pilot the ultimate spaceship through 8 stages of enemies, earning credits to upgrade your ship with 16 upgrades including slow motion, infra red, nanobots and various weapon upgrades.

Use the mouse to aim and shoot. More controls will be required later on, refer to the in-game manual for details. Turn 'Show Cursor' on if you have gameplay difficulties, Vermilion Archetype uses exceptional graphical processing and requires a high processing speed. Enjoy the game.

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It's a good game

Absolutely amazing, it really is great.


THis is a true work of art. Keep the great flashes coming.

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks! If you like this one, you'll LOVE the sequel Vermilion Prototype, coming to Newgrounds very very soon.


I have one tiny question though...

Which page does "Track 2" fall into? Can you also tell me who was the author? I've been looking for 3 days and i still havent found it. =(

Anyways, good storyline, good gameplay, this is both creative and original! Although the Background need a little working on.

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for the review.

Track 2 is NG 2501 by RageVI. It's called Eclipse and is in the Techno section of the Newgrounds Audio portal (as are the other two tracks).


good but not very good.

Point and click does not take very much skill and is a little to easy. id advise an arrow key manuvering.

I loved getting to pick the music, i think all games should have this.

The background got monotonous and very dull... MORE VARIETY!!!!!!!

Its a great concept but it needs work.

Id love to say more but holy sh** its 12:30 and ive got skewl 2marrow.


ChromeShark responds:

I don't disagree with any of your points. I probably won't use point and click again, it just worked out better with this game (arrow movement would have made the enemies impossible to shoot in time). The background was kept simple to reduce the processing power of the game, this was a major issue throughout the production due to the fact that Flash cannot generally handle 3d graphics, even to this extent.

I'm glad you like the music selection, or even noticed it for that matter. Sick of people complaining about the music when they can choose their own anyway.

Thanks for the review.

Good graphics, little imagination

The levels were the same, except for enemies and name, got boring fast.

Once again proof that graphics without anything else is just that, graphics

ChromeShark responds:

I tried to vary it as much as I could. I could have just had each enemy with slightly higher stats than the last one, but I gave them special powers to add some interest. Plus there's various soecial abilities available from the upgrades.

But graphics were the core of the game, with the gameplay essentially built around them. This was more of an experimentation into what Flash was capabale of (with many failed ideas in the production).