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Single Fight

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Author Comments

A small fight game, use the
Arrow keys: Walk, jump and crouch.
A: Punch
S: Kick
D: Block

Space Bar to start the game.

I did not do any further work on this game because the artist quit when he got scared of the huge pile of artwok that would be necessary for this game.

The keys got stuck because of an error caused by flash 8. Its now fixed and published for flash 7.
For all you coders and artists out there:
I can not finish this game by myself since i am usually busy and not a good artist. The original artist left the project because it was too much for him. So tecnically the whole animation could be changed to tweens instead of frame by frame animation. So there are two possibilities of a future for this project:
- If an experienced artist is interested in finishing this i could give it another shot and sort the game out.
- If an experienced coder who may be already has an artist for collabs wants to take over this project i would donate all the source for free. The only thing important to me would be being mentioned in the credits.

So if anybody is interested let me know about it.

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not bad

not bad but if u wouldve added more to it it couldve been alot better

pretty cool!

well, as a street fighter fan i can say that the gameplay is really good. also graphics are belongs to my fav. character original ryu :) an ryu' animations looks really good, i mean no cuts, no unexpected moves etc. well, maybe sounds could be the old street fighter kinda, but i love other sounds. there is no violance at all and interactivity is really good!

maybe you can add some special attacks as hadoiken and shoryuken :)
well, if i have enough experiance in flash scripts i would say "let me help" but, i don't.. if you need some suggestions let me know, i will help :)

Yup.....seems pretty much like a work in progress

After reading the reviews I decided to change what I thought about this clip.

Looking at the other reviews maybe you should try find an more easier way to make this game? 1900 frames for one charactor? man....

There must be a way. Ask someone who might know more about Flash then you do.

LeechmasterB responds:

Well if i had a voluntary artist to do the art work i could also animate the moves with tweens instead of frame by frame. That would spare a lot of time but still someone would have to make the backgrounds and character drawings and may be some drawings for special and finishing moves. The code written so far is flexible oop style. So i can create any new character by extending from the main fighter class... if there is artwork and like an intro story ect and a list with moves and scetches it could be pulled of in 2 weeks the most i guess.

Not too great

This is another boring game.
You need to add more characters/moves/levels..etc
This is a dull game

sorry man...

This game kinda blows by not being able to pick more than one character or storyline. The graphics were okay, just hope you make a better one soon so i can play em while im at work.

LeechmasterB responds:

Just so you know, the animation of characters takes a lot of time and a lot of artwork is needed. So if one character already has 1900 single frames guess how it would look with 18 characters... its too much for one man alone.

Credits & Info

2.73 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2006
1:11 AM EST

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