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s. m. f. s. episode 2

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Sorry about the shortness of this film. it's so short because my computer is getting whiped today because of alot of viruses! Plz vote fairly! And so veiw the first 1 it was way longer then this one!

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uhh...yeah i liked the first one better...this one was kinda...gay..make it longer...

. . . .

And u really think u could give ME tips inFlash? Keep dreaming fuckin n00b.

Arcademan789 responds:

Yo it does tell you a bit more in the authers coments that i have viruses there gone now but i had 200 and i made this in 30 miniuts And yet again you probebly can't read...Mother fucker


This was bad, bad bad.


The ending was a bit to sudden i was pretty shocked when it just ended just like that but anyways it was pretty good or is my mario addiction from 8 years ago still alive and kicking.

It's good....

...But it's just too short, I know why you made it so short but it wasn't really worth watching.

I can't wait till it's longer!!

Arcademan789 responds:

I told you all my computer is getting erased today!!! TODAY!