Shoot A Raccoon V3.0

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Again, its for my high school programming class, haven't turned it in yet.

its on a point system now, harder raccoon spawns are worth more points, there is a raccoon that is very quick but gets you extra shots and points, you lose points for hitting the owls.

RACCOON now. sorry about coon reference, i didn't know...


holy shit

that was the hardest game i ever played i only shot a racoon 2 outa lke 50 shots

but ill give you a 7

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it was alright

it was fun for a little while. cant wait until a better version comes out lol.

Rough draft?

Go back to the drawing board, add sound effects, and either add a time limit or severely decrease the ammo, and make it so you get ammo when you score a hit. That should make it more interesting. A little more work could make this really enjoyable.

Nothing Like Shooting Defenseless Animals

For a small game it was pretty good. You seem to have a problem at the end when you want to replay though... it just doesn't replay. I shot the racoon like 20 times and it made the owl sound echo. The racoon death could be less generic too.

The speed was challenging, but that made it more interesting. It reminded me of an old windows game called Praire Dog. LoL

Good work *thumbs up*

Elden responds:

Thanks, ill work on more kill scene's, The replay should work find, ill look into it though!

and to everyone else, the speed makes it hard! if i slow it down its easy!!


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Fun little game. I 10'ed everything because i'm too lazy to tihnk.

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1.97 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2006
3:01 PM EST
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