Doki Doki Mario 1.1

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Okay, everyone else is saying to use Flash Player 8 but I'm not sure if I need to say it. Anyway, this Flash series is about Doki Doki Panic characters and Mario characters meeting. Of course this is only the half of the first episode so, it's pretty short. And I know I do a horrible job at doing Bowser and Warts voice, I'll get someone else to do it later. I hope you like it. And enjoy the movie. P.S. I'm just gonna make the FULL episode next time. There will be no 1.2, just a 1. Making a half of the first episode was stupid. So the next one I make will be Doki Doki Mario 1.



This made my day. I just love this video. I don't care about the sound or the sprite movement when they talk. I'm just glad that somebody made a flash that tributes two great games. And I'm surprised that no one commented on your sprite editing for the doki doki characters. It's fantastic! You're a real proffesional and one more thing: ANIME RULEZZ!!1

That was cool!

I cant wait for the sequel, but just one little word of advice, if you ever do make a sequal to this, try putting subtitles, since you can barely understand what they're saying (im sure you've been told that by everyone) but yeah, other than that, great movie (I liked how you added a little history in gaming lesson there, Mario 2 too hard for americans... PAH!)

It was good except..

I had to turn up my volume a lot to be able to understand what the voice actor was saying...and that really killed it for me it was a great cartoon otherwise just work on your sound quality.

.....Carrot Juice xD

It was...ok The japonese text and all that stuff was nice I could read them to say the least (You would be surprized at how many people cant write that stuff on newgrounds) It had a nice little history lessen on what Doki doki was. The voices werent all that I could tell you locked yourself in your bedroom/office and grabbed a computer mic and did all of it. but the Katamari Damacy opening... I LOVE THAT!!!! ^.^ also there was a song after that when it was talking about king wart it sounded framilier when i rememberd it FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CRONICALS!!!! Am i right?! Huh?! lol Tnx for this entertaning movie if people dont like this tell them to go into thier bathrooms grab a sandwich and was it down with bullets to get a bloody treat then tell them to go stand out in a 4 way intersection and see how many buses they can dooge with out attempting to move.

(P.s Thanks for the "Brace yourself" bit, I jolted at the valume controll lol)....(P.s.s ANIME AND MANGA ROCKS ALL ELSE!!!)....(P.s.s.s I Like Chocolate Milk) ^.^

KirbyPhelpsPK responds:

Thanks for the good review. And I'm gonna forget about THIS Flash and just make the WHOLE episode. The next DDM will be DDM 1. Not 1.2


Haha, what a weird revelation. Gotta change the color on the scrolling text to contrast with the lightness of the scenes. Yellow doesn't work all that well. The sprite animation isn't horrible, but I think this could be a tad smoother. The dialogue was "kind of funny," but not funny enough to get a good laugh out of me. One thing that messed with me was the control strip: play & pause. I couldn't move forward, but I didn't want to pause.

Also, that loud, whistling noise that comes before Wart and Bowser meet up... yeah, that didn't do my hearing any good with headphones in. The voices were "adequate," but it would've done this animation some good to have a few more voice actors (and if there were more than one, I apologize, because I really can't tell any difference, really). Good idea, execution was there, but this can be funnier in future installments. Nicely done.

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2.26 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2006
12:51 AM EST
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