The Mushroom War

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June 9th, 2007
It's been a long time since I've used flash, but just know that a sequel is planned and the first intro scene is better than this whole movie. :)
Thanks for the Mario collection :)
Hey, NG'ers! It's LordTrunks here. This is my very first time using flash. Don't worry, it doesn't suck. Well, compared to other first flashes... lol
WATCH THE WHOLE MOVIE BEFORE YOU VOTE!!! THIS IS A SPRITE FLASH! DON'T WATCH IF YOU REALLY HATE THEM! Big thanks to Dangan for writing the script.I am still learning flash, so I'm sure I've done some pretty unorthodox things with this :D
PS: Watch through the credits ;)
-Trunks (Mike Jannino)

-Message from Dangan-

Hey all! This is a sprite flash I wrote the script for, and LT did a pretty good job animating it! Here is the story: Bowser sent a troop of Koopas to attack a Mushroom outpost, and Mario and Luigi fended them off. They now need to get a militia ready, and kick koopa arse! Enjoy the show :) We worked hard!
-Dangan (Tom Lever)

Sprites: The Spriter's Resource +
Custom Sprites: Trunks
OST's ripped by: LTrunks
Most of the Music: Audio Portal :)
Scenes: about 13
Time taken: 3-4 months
Frames: A TON
FPS: 14

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When will the 2nd episode come out?

Trunks responds:

When we have free time. Haha.

great, but...

is there a second episode?!?

Trunks responds:

Seven years in the making.......


I want to actually see the war! :(

Trunks responds:

I'M SORRY some day it will come. I think.

...bowser could win the war if he does it right...

he could do that by sending troops into sarasara land and attack daisy, which will send luigi and his army to help with that, then bowser could deal with the toad army, and attack the mushroom kingdom which the only defence would be mario... im a strategic thinker!

Trunks responds:

Let's hope Bowser isn't nearly as smart.

pritty good but.....

KAMEK IS NOT A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trunks responds:

A seven year old error... we know :)

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Feb 26, 2006
12:11 AM EST