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The Real Matrix

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It is a funny spoof off of the movie "The Matrix" and basically tells the "real" story.

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not good enough.

Despite it's dated animation I did laugh a little bit at the whole Morpheus and Keanu Reeves not being able to act thingy. And hell even the fart humor was a bit funny.

A spoof of The Matrix. The artwork was alright. You could tell who each of the characters were supposed to be. The sound effects were pretty good, as was the music. Sadly the story was rather childish with plenty of toilet humour, which was a shame as it really lets it down.

the drawings looked like the charicters in the movie
and the storyline was humours
its not a terrible movie but its not the greatest

Short but entertaining

ok first off good little flash you have here, the characters were pretty good, i didnt like the {BUTTONS} and having to always click on them, just let it roll like a movie does without the buttons, The {FART} secne was amusing you should have added some sorta smoke effects in the backround from it though that would have been nice, the animation was just too short, you may want to make it longer somehow, and as for the music it was ok but sounded abit distorted, so those could be some things you could work on, so a good little flash somewhat old but still has something going for it, and with the tips above you could make it much better, thats if you still make stuff, untill then good luck.

As for the buttons just let it roll like a movie does without the buttons, some extra effects could have been added like the fart scene, the film was sorta short so you may also want to add abit {DEPH} more characters more story more stuff going on.

A short film with some slight action and ok humor.

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2.17 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2000
9:49 PM EDT