Saw: Bad Luck...

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Ok, I just want to let the viewers know that I didn't steal this joke from happy tree friends or scary movie 4. I thought of this joke around this time last year and began animating it off and on in December. Three days ago I saw the scary movie 4 trailer and was ticked to see that the joke was used. I also found out today after I finished the cartoon, I showed my friend sean... and he told me that the same kind of joke was used in happy tree friend, only it wasn't saw related, only thing this and happy tree friends has in common is that some one gets their foot cut off... only happy tree friends probably does the art/animation/ and the whole cartoon better then mine. So all you people leaving nasty reviews because of that, haven't been reading my authors comments.. shame on you. I just want to say that I didn't copy anybodys work, and that great minds think alike!
After scanning around newgrounds I noticed that there really weren't many saw spoofs out there. So I created one in tribute to the movie. I also made this in tribute to fangoria magazine for keeping me updated with horror.



pretty cool

ive never seen such a random movie (in a good way)

Devokees responds:

Hey thanks! I am glad you liked it! Sure it might not be one of the greatest flash videos out there. But it was still pretty neat!

Lol it was ok.

Sorry about Scary Movie stealing your joke but if Scary Movie used it then Scary Movie must be pretty funny! I should go see it. Well, anyways, I thought it was pretty good. Is what happened the guy chopped off the wrong leg? Lol dat would be funny. Salude and once again sorry about that.

Devokees responds:

Hey, I am glad you enjoyed the toon! I haven't seen scary movie 4 yet myself...but from the commercial... you can see dr. phil cut off his wrong foot. Heh yes he did cut off the wrong foot... and that really would suck. Hey and no need to be sorry, you didn't do anythnig. i am greatful that you responded. Thanks Sir,
Glad you enjoyed.

how ironic

wow that has to suck to be that guy well this movie was done pretty well

Devokees responds:

Hey thanks man, It would suck to be that guy! Thanks for the great review man! I appreciate it.



To all those negitive reviewers....If he said he didn't steal the joke, he didn't. When I first saw the flash, I didn't know there was a trailer for Scary Movie 4. Plus on Happy Tree Friends...it is possiblr to consider that he never saw that (or most to all) episodes of Happy Tree Friends. So how can you steal a joke, if you never seen it used. It is possible to do a gag, that has been used, without knowing that you know.

This flash was done well...liked the camera effects, the panning and such...even the flushing of the face. Graphics were pretty good, room for improvement, but still good, and overall, is a fairly good flash, and hope to expect more in the future. Just ignore the `tards who are quick to blam without knowing the truth. Good work. *thumbs up*

Devokees responds:

Thanks Sneakers. atleast some one who understands.Indeed there is always room for improvement. I will ignore the 'tards out there. I bet most of the people who said that I stole the joke didn't even watch it. They probably just read a review from another person who said that I stole the joke.

Thanks for the review man.


uhh BLAM

Well the joke was there but not seen. I understand it. Was it supposed to be funny? oh an happy tree friends wants there joke back.

Devokees responds:

Yeah, I guess that joke was kinda like this review you left... it was there.. but never seen. I mean I kinda understand it... but was it supposed to put me down or something? And as I said before read the authors comments where I state...clearly that I didn't steal any jokes from happy tree friends.
Have a nice day.

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Feb 24, 2006
6:25 PM EST
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