Salad Fingers Karaoke

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Another old one, which people really seemed to like.


pretty darn good

I can see you like salad fingers! I have a couple of questions thaught

1.How was that called "nose salad" exactly?

2.Those were pretty good graphics so what kind of programmer did you use

3.have you seen all seven of the salad fingers episodes?

4.What is your faviourite episode?

MiddleFingerRings responds:

1. Nose Salad? Well, the answer to your question is:

-The Song is "The NOSEbleed Section", and it's about SALAD Fingers. (Heh.)
-Plus I made the word Nose Salad as a kind of slang for snot! xD
2. I just used Flash MX 2004. (Damn I wish I had Flash 8...)
3. Yup!
4. Probably the one when the little freaky boy is introduced. (Where Salad wants to find France.)

Thanks for your time!


I'm sure David would be proud of the randomness. I liked it.

MiddleFingerRings responds:

yeh... randomness is coool....

pretty dam good

that sertanly cheered me up.... fifen

MiddleFingerRings responds:



I was thrilled with this! The graphics are quite spot on as an homage to Firth and the animation was well done.

Its a music video of course so I can't comment too much on the sound, except you chose a good piece.

This was very well executed. This is exactly the sort of thing you would expect to see in a music video. I don't know if you copied it from an existing video. It's actually that good that (to make me raise the question.) The use of the Salad Fingers characters was extremely judiciously done. The bit about flying off on the faucet was brilliant.

Excellent job!

MiddleFingerRings responds:

hehe yeh well the flying faucet thing was originally done in Pallid Fingers I think, then it just became another one of SF's quirks. I didn't copy this from another music video, I'm just that smart! Thanks for your time!

Good, but could have been great.

Looks good.
But it would have been great if you'd have used som original characters.
Then it would have been a really great music video. Now it's just a sort of wierd and unfitting tribute.

MiddleFingerRings responds:

it wouldnt be a parody if i used my own characters hehe. Thanks for your time

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Feb 24, 2006
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