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Im not much of a Flash Pro, so dont get mad if this looks sucky. Believe me, I cant really do any better...The difficulty will depend on how far you have watched the series. If you dont want anything spoiled for you if you arent very far, you might want to take this quiz later.
-EDIT- Because of many convincing reviews (thanks reviewers) i have edited it, corrected problems, and I will make a new one with more questions, a better interface, and harder questions. And possibly a bonus for winning?
-EDIT- I fixed Question 2!


For all of you who think his name is wrath, it is in the manga and FMA brotherhood but in the original FMA its pride.

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Question 14, where you're supposed to name the homunculi with the eye patch. Isn't that Wrath?

good job. u get a 500/5 starts for putting in my fav opning from the sereys. I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEW MOVIE COMEING OUT!!!!!!!!

LULZ!!!! :D

I got all of them right on my first try :D

WTH...this is wrong...

the answer in question 14 is "WRATH"
Pride is the name of his adopted son.....
well...the kids name is selim but....
his homunculus name is pride....

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