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hello everyone, this was a series that i decided to work on after ctlep3, but then i decided to continue on my CT Legends series. it also contains another short called FFIV:NASM as an extra.Thank you and enjoy!

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depending on the order, this could go different ways
i think i lucked out, good job!!

not bad

not bad, but not too goo either..it's a goo start, even though the story oesn't 'Tell' anything you know, it's just that some evil is up, but nothing happens, make them fight a bit more in the second and it'll be allright ;)

Was okay..

The extra was more interesting and funny though.... Continue that! :P.. The rest was okay I guess.. Everything ran smooth and stuff.. Not bad.

Akward feeling.

I'll move beside the fact that chrono has spoken. I haven't played the game for quite awhile but the name "Sunaj" wasn't to creative. It's janus backwards... It seems like a fan script or something to me. I'm not saying your flash was bad... but it didn't seem to have the proper elements to tie into the Chrono Trigger style. (Considering I'm not a flash maker I have no right to judge how you decided to do this) Though, Adding a sequence of order would save alot of time. (Naturally) I clicked Chrono (Btw wasn't it supposed to be Chrono not Crono, I really cant remember so no shouts at me please) and had no idea what I saw other then a pointless battle. Also adding blood to it kind of felt akward to me. With some tweaks and touches I probably would have voted higher on this.

SquareHard responds:

if you read the authors comment, as it says, this was actually a fairly older project i was working on, so the scripting was meh, the reason why you had to pick your plotline wasnt to confuse you, but was basically so you can make up your own order, and the game name was called Chrono Trigger, but the heroes name was named Crono, with no h, and the max letters for a character you could make was 5 letters anyways, so it was definately Crono. And once again, I did this like a year ago, so dont expect a whole lot.


NO Bad bad bad Chrono doesn't talk you screwed it up right there if he was to talk maybe one word but not a freakin paragraph geez haven't u played chrono trigger HE DOESN'T TALK! except for the one ending.. anyway i didn't like how u made it you had a good idea but after that wtf happened??