AIC 1 - Procrastination

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So the backround dissapears 3/4's through, shut the hell up.
Warning, some get-to-know unfunny crap, but I have to get past that.

P.S: The girl's voice still needs... a girl's voice. Message me if your interested.


Lol Canada

Lol Guitar.

HAM-Mosessess responds:

Lol Black sheep of my creations


lol gd job man, love the style it's done in, and the humor is gd, but the images were slightly slower than the sound XD

lol Nice flash

LOL, I too, have tried to take a piece of animation, and to put it back in another one.
Im sure thats why all the missing objects and missing text in the intro song.

But even with this, the cartoon was pretty funny, I really like the style man.
I just want to say, I hope your health is fine now, I know you had some problem from Actually this is called, the preview.

I hope we can see more of your original work soon.
Oh and, thx for awnsering the reviews, I think its pretty rare that an animator do so...
(I dont lol)

HAM-Mosessess responds:

you don't, eh? well that's becuase your an asshole

Looks good

Overall this was realy good. There were a few minor things that should be fixed, like the pauses and dubbing. The pauses were a little too long, and i thought my comp had froze of something, and theres several cases where the mouths are moving but theres no sound.

Looks good so far, and could easily be improved. Shows a lot of potential.

Lookin forward 2 the next ep.

HAM-Mosessess responds:


I loved it!!!

However I noticed a few things that happened, maybe just on my end.

I counted off for the background dissappearing. The background that was there wasn't interesting enough. Hopefully there will be more scenes in the next one.

OK, now sound is 0, and it may be my fault, but it the voices didn't match up with the mouth movements due to timing (The mouth moved right, but the sound spontaneously was too early from time to time). Like I said, it may be my fault, but I hope you look into it, because it felt like an old japanese film.

Anyway, I like the humor, although it could use just a little more umph (it seems as if you're just on the edge of a nonstop comedy), but there were a few seconds of downtime where you should have kept cracking a few more jokes.

The use of pauses was a little overdone. Either shorten the pause times, or take one out... I think the second or third pause was unnecessary, however, you almost have that mastered as well.

And most importantly, good luck on your next one, because you're really showing some promise.

HAM-Mosessess responds:

yeah, the backround was actually due to procrastination, hence the title. the sound is my computers poor exporting fault. many problems arise in my flash 8, such as opening actions slows the computer down to a crawl, text does not appear correctly (not due to dynamic text) stream does not work, nor does it work in a movieclip (if I do that the movie skips when it tries to play) and the list goes on. and thanks

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3.75 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2006
6:36 PM EST
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