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a Trench Slimes Newsbreak short. may make more sense if you've seen some of the other toons: www.trenchslimes.com


I thought this was good, but not enough to recommend. I guess it was just too short. It's kind of weird to see slime with boobs. It's even worse than them being on worms, which was the original design of these characters. The voices weren't bad. I like the eye censor jokes.

I guess I was just expecting more satire. The animation wasn't that bad or good for that matter. I've just seen better news stuff like this. You probably need help with shading. It didn't stand out much.

Justin Moran is my baby's Daddy

Dude... Love the series... PLEASE make more...

only comment is that I agree the sounds should forever and always stay completely mouth made... that's the beauty of your work.

Can't wait to improv with you again wednesday


oh yeah... good work again

Mr. Silvia

What Can I Say, I Like Slimes

Read the title.


Where are the good old mouth-made sound effects? I love those, they made your movie unique and funny.

This one is not so funny as the main series though, but i like it anyway. Love the trenchslimes and waiting for ep. 5 :D

The Point?

Not very funny or interesting, but the animation was very smooth.

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3.69 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2006
9:23 PM EST
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