kissin' bush

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inspired by the slams and praises of my first game, this time you can kiss your way to the top of the bush administration. better more! more levels, more audio fun... and you just might learn about some of the key figures of the bush administration and what they're up to.


Haha nice

I loved the quote when he said"You fool me once........ you fool me once..... shame on you.... well you not gonna fool me again."


On the 3rd level i found a glitch where he slides on the edge, his ass just out of site, and then i lost...:(

craftwerks responds:

sorry my friend.... bush hasn't been playing too fair lately. perhaps any little bugs in the game are therefore justified ;)


Apparantly 335 is the number of asskisses to get me to become secretary of defense and a 180k a year job. Why not? I liked the soundclips, but the aiming system needs a little work, sometimes my kisses missed for no particular reason...

Man, I could be scoring it rich in no time... :D

pretty good

and original gameplay, but i like your game with the bounching bush and cheney heads a little better. keep up the good work.


Not a great game...not a great message. The game lags like crazy and you can pretty much win automatically by pressing tab and space bar to rack up kisses. I liked the sound clips....bush does say some funny stuff. As for the message. It might not have bugged me had it not been the same crap that's been said over and over again in the media and on other newgrounds submission. Get over it people....find something new and thought provoking instead of incessantly (probably spelled that wrong...stupid spellcheckers ruined me) repeating the same junk.

craftwerks responds:

to DIRECTLY quote bush....

"if you've retired, don't have anything to worry about. third time i've said that. i'll probably say that three more times, see, in my line of work you gotta repeat things over and over again for the truth sink in, to kinda catapult the propaganda"

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3.12 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2006
8:00 PM EST
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