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LoZ: Forgotten Battle

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Author Comments

The LoZ: Forgotten Battle remake is underway in full swing. I am sacrificing art for animation so the new one will have less close ups and more action. This may take 1/2 to a full year to do but it will be worth the wait. It will be made by "the Rock Lee chronicles" and "super marios bros. Z" standards when it come to fighting, so expect a lot of side scrolling action. (will also have a cool section to impress the toughest critics). True, most images were traced on this one, but i've gained alot of experience since my "Juice" flash. I'll be throwing in some stuff that's not really acurrate in terms of Zelda games, but the story-telling will be much better (there will be a cause and solution).

UPDATE: well the animation is done, but the sound and music are totally out of sync and I can't seem to fix it...if anyone knows how to fix this little audio/video lag, I've love to hand a copy to you.

UPDATE (May 2011): To be honest, i really don't feel this deserves any praise or prizes. this was done so long ago when i was still so newbish to the whole flash thing. you can clearly see it's traced from a doushinji and poorly animated. I appreciate the comments (good and bad) and hope that the Zelda fans can root for me to get the better version out (it's been remade from scratch about 3 times so far).

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Could have been longer, but hey, it's good.

I really htink you did a good job on this, other than the battle being a little short. For something that is 5 years old, it still holds up pretty well.

I think however the person two below me forgot their imagination. Fierce Deity FTW!!!

I'll give you this one.

It's over 5 years old, so it's good for it's time.
But even so, I think that it could have run a little bit quicker. A LOT quicker at some points, but whatever...And a bit of a side note, to the dude below me;

Ry, I'm guessing that's because this is 'The Forgotten Battle' and it could possibly take place after both OoT and MM.



MikeandTreyVideo responds:



just a fun fact. :3

Nice job.

For all the animation it was great over all. I thought the fight was a little short but with whole Ganon/Fierce Diety thing was good.

Also the Guy that said Link and Zelda are ame one game where that was confirmed in the story line and NOT with rumors on the net (Or any Duane and Brando Songs.)

Also i'm not a fan of the Link/Zelda parring myself but for diffrent reasons.

Anyway back to the Review. The second music choice...honestly not good in MY oppion. you picked what you thought was best and honestly aside from the unmatching pitch i heard (Could just be me) it was an ok song.

MikeandTreyVideo responds:

yeah, i still kick myself for using adult link with child zelda. I mean, honestly what was i thinking? I'm thinking of uploading the unfinished zelda without sound so i can get some suggestions from my supporters as to make it better.


It may be because I'm a huge Zelda fan but I gave you a 10. the Detail on the shield and the sword the second showing was very good. I also like the music placement. You also did a very accurate description of Hyrule. Keep it up