Bairy Hutt

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you know when you have an awesome party...

but at the end of the night when everyone is gone you go into the bathroom and find somebody took a dump and that shit just won't flush? that's kind of like this. you guys, come on. the intro shows that you guys are smarter than a opposum's tail, so put that brainpower to work on a decen flash instead of TRYING for a cheap, poorly done laugh. It doesn't work. I gave you 1/5, and i feel it's fair because i think you guys can do a lot better.

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Hotter than a bucket of potatos. HOT potatoes.

Great start...

...but it kinda went to nothing later on. I liked the style at the begining though, try more stuff like that maybe?

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what was that?

I really really disliked this. I'm not usually a critical person either. It was just...it wasn't even random in a funny sense...it was random in a desperate sense. I think the rating of 1 that I gave you is being generous.

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There is my fair vote

Read it and weep. Normally I leave constructive critisicm, but it you can't find out why people wouldn't like this flash, then I don't know how you even muster up the brainpower to use Flash, or wipe your butt.

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1.23 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2006
3:42 AM EST
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