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Saw and Garlic

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Hello, how are you today, young Newgrounders?

I bring you a movie of joy!

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What the... ?

Err... O.o


That was actually pretty fun to watch. Good graphics - loved how you made them bounce like that when they talked - and good sound balance (although the laughter at the end was a bit too loud).

I think that if this had been a bit longer and more ambitious this could've gotten a much higher score. I really like the style that you used here, and the voices weren't bad either.

Make a longer and more ambitous movie next time, but keep the insane sense of humour! :)

that was

rather swell. Thanks for voting, ForkClock!
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Funny as hell. XD

Wow, when I jump off a building with someone, I'll talk them about love, too. I just dig that kind of random senseless humor. :D


I dont realy like clocks but this was good, because it was wierd .. Garlic man freaked me out xD and it was really random I like! :)

Clocks Blow.

I just really hate clocks.
They are horrible.
Thats why im voting 0.

PlexityMusic responds:

Well shit, atleast they know alot more flash than you do.