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The Sad Life Part 1: X

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Edit: Please review, don't just vote. I'd like a little constructive critcism.

WOOT! First Flash to get on Newgrounds! Hell yeah! All of these rules still apply (except for the voting five for porn):

1. You need Flash 8. I don't know if it will work in other versions, so just in case, get 8.

2. It is supposed to be like a silent movie, so it has music (by Tom Waits), but no narrator. So read fast.

3. If you are stupid, don't watch this. You won't get it.


I loved it!!!

That's all.

Very original . . . loved it . . .

I really like this one man. Extremely original and creative. Great graphics, and the music really coplimented the flash. Only thing I would say "drug it down" a lil was the dream portion. A little off topic and poorly animated but still. A nice jog off the storline for some pointless fun.

I liked it. Definatley one of my favorites. And I'm eagerly anticipating The Sad Life Part 2 . . .

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you know what I think...

I wuv my carrot. nice job though.

I felt the same way in Algebra 2

Text went a little quick, but I thought it was funny. I remember seeing things like that in Algebra II.

Now that was different...

First time I've seen math humor in NG. You've got my protection point because of that. Still, some comments...

- The pacing of the story was too slow sometimes. I know it's supposed to be like an old movie, but still, it dragged out at times.

- Storywise, it need work. Like a real climax or punchline.

- If you don't have a tablet, don't write text with your mouse. It really looks amateurish.

- And no, I don't want to vote 5. Go keep your porn.

happynoodleboyjthm responds:

There will be an episode two.
When I actually buy Flash.

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3.06 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2006
8:55 AM EST
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