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EDIT: Thanks for the front page and daily 3rd guys!
I've also been reading some of the reveiws aswell, about how this is unoriginal and not funny. Yes, blooper reels are unoriginal but I haven't seen a decenet (or any) blooper reel for mario bros. arcade. Also, most of the jokes, if not all, are totally related to the game. If you find this funny, you've probably played this game a lot like I have. If you didn't find it funny. Then you probably didn't game the game before (That's what is different between this blooper reel and other blooper reels, other blooper reels also contain sheer random bits not related to the games)

Hey guys, Here is my latest movie, and first blooper reel. I used Mario Bros. Arcade becuase there is enough SMB blooper reels out there and Bigfoot took the SML series :P

It is about 5 minutes long and I took the time to make sure this blooper reel is good unlike most of the rest. With that said, I hope you enjoy it.


This brings back memories

Wow, you were really active at this time. It certainly shows. I will admit that it wasn't great. I wish there was more of an environment. Still, it was a tribute to that game. I liked how it had continuity. The platform that fell down stayed down.

The music was nice too. It was quite unpredictable. Everything moved so fast. It was still pretty long. While not that well detailed, still nice.


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This is hilarious! Kudos to you!

Oh, this is funny. The pipe sense is funny. Pipe shoots Mario and at the end, one Koopa Troopa give a 7.0. I love this video!

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Feb 19, 2006
4:44 AM EST
Comedy - Parody