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Madness Carnage one sucked so bad, this had to be the first one instead, avoid the crappy ass madness animations I made before, but not Madness Carnage 2, which is almost out.



Even more random violence! Haha, great stuff. Looks just as good as the original, keep up the great work!


This was at least better than #2

You tweened, the walking was slow, the plot was so gay, you shape tweened (ultimate animation queerness), and EXACTLY 1,300 agents? Also, what's with ratting out the leader.

You really REALLY need animation help.

Some points are good, others are bad...

Generaly it's not bad, I liked the plot a lot (Instead of the sheriff killing or killing for fun)
I liked the idea of his best friend getting shot to death, because it's powerful revenge, I also liked the sound fx, they're pretty good (I especialy liked the rain) music was ok i guess.
Now I thought of a plot for like number 2, (If your ever gonna make one)it would be something like this: the gang wants him killed (because he eliminated the boss or something) and when the killer comes to kill him, the heros with his girl friend and as the bounty hunter shoots, he kills the heros girl friend by accident, so in a certain way its even more powerful so theres more rage and all...
Please answer me and say if your gonna make a sequel or not (i saw you were a busy person) and if you don't fell like putting my idea on animation, its all right.
Answer me as soon as possible.


another silly remake

this has silly feet that move as slow as seaweed i ould give any one who comes close to the orignal madness a ten but this is unfinished and noone fight back its as though they want to die


Well, I do have to say, this was fairly good, but in alot of ways bad. You see, I like real physics, and to me, this was ALL motion tweened. You should be ashamed for how noobish you've been. You REALLY need work, dude, seriously. I mean, it was so boring, and your other work isn't too good either, so , yeah.

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3.21 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2006
11:30 AM EST
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