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All Your Base DX 2006

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:: Edit: Wonderful! Daily Feature and Weekly 3rd Place! You NG users are so Freaks XD Thx to Tom for the FrontPage Too! Oh! Also... Now here we have a better version! No problems with the sound! Sorry for the size, but thats better now :)

I made this movie for the 5th Birhday of the submision "all yor base r blong 2 us" by "Bad_CRC". I worked a lot in that. I know... AYB is a bit old, but with this movie, AYB can Live for some days. Well... Remember this old parody.

This movie was awared. It got monthly 4th. You can check it here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic.php?id=445796

OH! Try find the Easter Eggs! There are three!
If you need help to find them, in the main menu after the movie, click on Easter Eggs, here you will see where can they be (or maybe not ;P)

Enjoy the Movie! I <3 all you! WAHAHAHA! FOR A GREAT JUSTICE!


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Frigin masterpiece.

This was probably the last "All Your Base" cartoon I saw here. It really has died out by now. Anyway, it was tons of fun to watch this. I thought it would be some different song or a theme. Instead, it was completely new material! I really liked that.

The song is as awesome as ever. Now over ten years later, imagine how much more you could do with it! Well, people have once again forgotten it. I loved the bright color around the frame. I found one Easter egg.

WTF you're still active like a decade later
flash love it me
all your comments are belong to us

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