TLC - Episode 9

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Twisted Little Creatures - Episode 9
"The Little Virus That Could"

^Go here for character names!^

The longest TLC yet! At almost 8 minutes long, you can tell I was making improvements in my technique. I've begun working on new ones again. I will alert you when I make the first TLC in 2006.

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To be honest this wasnt great, but maybe i felt that way because i havent watched the whole series so sorry if im a bit unfair on it, i though the humor and the characters were a little weak, i dont think i laughed once throughout it, it seemed a bit forced to me.

The graphics were ok, some things seemed to be drawn well while otheres seemed to be drawn terribly so id advise you to work on your consistency. The backrounds and characters were alright i suppose, the thing needs shading as well to make it look better. The animation was alright i guess, some of the lip synching looked kinda weird though, but overall it was ok.

The sound was probably the best part of the entire thing, the voice acting was pretty good and it was clear as well so that was good. Now i cant be too harsh on this as the whole series seems to be a success but im sorry if i dont have the time to go back and watch all of them. But i suppose it was ok overall.

Graphics - 6
Animation - 6
Sound - 7

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Good graphics, simple animation, lots of content and great entertainment. Twas a pleasure to watch. Keep up the great work!


good one

very nice 9th episode here. great length in it too... with almost 8 minutes... it offered the best entertainment thus far in the series i think. the plot in this one here was pretty interesting. once again, different from all the others.. which is good, a nice new twist in very episode... nice to see.

I hate to say...

I hate to admit this but I knew a guy that went o y igschool that everyone called Lampshade because he always wore one like a hat. Everywhere he went, it didn't matter. Stores, the movies, whatever. He thought that he was a thug. I gave it a five for the humor and bringing back a fwe funny memories. Keep it up.

HandsomeJake responds:

Haha. If that's true, than that's the most absurd/funny thing I've ever heard. Oh, this cartoon in NO WAY supports the country song that may seem to go with this cartoon. This came WAY before that. Thanks for reviewing/watching!

Double-U Tee Eff?!

This was the most random movie I've seen today. Next to Arfenhouse of course. The graphics are lacking, however the sheer nonsense style of humor in here makes up for it. Keep it up!

HandsomeJake responds:

Thanks for reviewing! I'm so glad you liked it!

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3.86 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2006
4:04 PM EST
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