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The new and improved version of the old skool 80's game: Lemonade Stand.

Take the tutorial before playing!

http://www.badseed-produc tions.net

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Great attempt but flawed

The game's design and play were ok (nothing new, nothing bad). But the overall system of buying and selling lemons is greatly flawed.

From what I've noticed with the selling system you won't sell any lemons past these figures:

Real Lemons - 6$
Coolade - 5$
Old Lemons - 3$

Now, considering how much the lemons cost (on average):

Real Lemons - 400$ = (about) 100
Coolade - 300$ = 100 or 1,050$ = 400
Old Lemons - 65$ = 100 or 200$ = 400

You can't sell Real Lemons under 4$, otherwise, you'll lose money. You want to also be above 4$ because you want to make money. So you're only options there are 5$/6$

Coolade - 4$/5$ (You could sell for 3$ but even with the "load" you make 50$ after all that. You wouldn't want to do that.)

Old Lemons - 1$/3$ I believe this margin works ok... I'm sure if it's really flawed but it doesn't seem so.

As far as the items go, there isn't much.

The loans I understand and make sense.
The CD is ok (no complaints).
The burger is funny.
The gambling... it's gambling, ok to do but... (I'll reserve a comment for the end).
The scale is... only ok. I'll admit I'm not paying too much attention as to how many lemons I'm getting, but I don't notice a big difference. It works (I'll assume), but if doesn't have a big enough impact... what's the point.
The pager... I don't see any big reason for using this. Even at the lowest prices, the most I get is 15 customers. The pager doesn't seem to push it at all. Like I said before, even if it does, it doesn't have a big enough impact.

As for the levels... ok, different starting money but not much else. That concept is just ok.

As for the end, no matter how well I try, I get told to go back to McDonalds. The line is funny. But I scored a 5,652 (at best) and considering the margin you have to work with in the game, it seems impossible to go much higher (without gambling and gambling shouldn't decide if you win in this kind of game).

As for the Masa cheat... I don't see much besides you starting with 50$ less. And I find that funny.

The flash and everything is fine. But like all games, what really counts is how the game plays... and it lacks somewhat in this area.

I know I'm being critical but I want you to go for it more. You have potential.

badseed1 responds:

thnx, but i made lemonade stand from the MS2 engine in about 15-20 minutes. Try playing Marijuana Stand.


I sold alot of weed.


the 80's game is still good but this game need a new font comon techen kids ta buy weed i mean realy.

looks like you put effort in

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Really easy way to win:

I found a way to win a lot of money. Buy as much old lemons as possible, and set the price of old lemon to $1 and keep doing that, except don't change the $1.

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3.25 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2006
1:55 AM EST
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