bb- metal block chocolate

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yeah, enjoy

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how many of these stupid clock crew fag-offs are there?

Pretty Good

It was perfect except 4 dat it was 2 short. I saw trhe middle and kinda made me want 2 watch it. Plees extend it

'Tis good

I liked it the graphics are very good too

oh yes jack sock can suck my coc!

-green block


flash by <target> none, so because we dont submit our movies that noone wants to see , were not as good as people that do submit crap noone wants to see, or we're somehow not qualified to criticize your crap, ya well i can make terrible flash too and call myself the car carrivan, but that doesnt mean its any good, or that i can talk shit to people with honest criticism of a pointless and non entertaining abortion that you just happen to feel proud of. clock block ock sock or school of hard knocks, if a movies good its good, but inside jokes from your preschool and stupid crap like that are not entertaining. 0

white-acid responds:

hey shut up buddy you CAN't MAKE MOVIES, I bet they all got blammed

im giving this what it deserves

graphics- black square for block face
style- block band=instant zero
sound- oh wow speakonia and music
violence-i dont know how thats classed as violence
humour-this is most certainly not funny
overall-BIG FUCKING 0

i voted fair

white-acid responds:

aawwww look, little jacky is mad because he got his little website pwned for the SECOND time, what a cut little n00b

Credits & Info

2.50 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2006
10:15 PM EST
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