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"Sasper" Episode 2

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Sasper loves girls!! And likes to have sex with them cause he is like totally str8ight and junk and stuff and junk. Plus he likes girls and is good at Counter Strike!! Oh and at Java Script!! Plus he beats up cops and shit!!

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Best animation yet!

While the jokes were not that good, I still found this enjoyable because it had the best animation in the entire series! There was just so much detail put into every single object here! While you have used color, this was easily the best demonstration of it. I guess it took homosexuality to get that out of you. You know, I don't think I ever had heard of anyone making gay ghost jokes before. Congradulations on your originality even though the punchlines were not the most memorable.

The voice work is decent in this and it was interesting to have a cast of characters. Some of them seemed to be fairly intelligent, especially the vampire. Sasper doesn't even look like a ghost because he's flesh colored. Of course, I did not see the first one so maybe I would have understood the story better with that.

Dude below me

Heterosexual means straight. LOLL

The art was pretty lame but it was pretty cool anyway.

I'm fucking horny.

That one bit just absolutely killed me. You are an absolute fucking genius.


Pun-tastic. lol


It's okie, but the humor's not too original. It's like Family Guy with a bit of randomness, which seems to be in fashion. I get the whole hand-drawn aesthetic, sketchy animation. But I'm desensitized. But don't listen to me, everyone else seems to love ya.